Our Trustees
SBERA is governed by its officers and a volunteer Board of Trustees. There are currently nineteen Trustees who meet quarterly at SBERA's headquarters in Woburn, MA. A slate of Trustees is presented by the Nominating Committee at the Annual Meeting each year and voted on by the members. The Trustees are nominated to serve four year terms.
SBERA Organization and Leadership
SBERA's Fiduciary, Legal, Compliance and Investment oversight provides a significant support structure for your retirement plans.
SBERA Trustees
There are four standing committees:
Executive Committee
Composed of the Chairman of the Board, the Vice-Chairman of the Board, the Treasurer of the Board, and two other Trustees.
Investment Committee
All members of the Board of Trustees are members of the Investment Committee.
Audit Committee
Meets independently with the outside auditors (KPMG) to review audit results and recommendations.
Nominating Committee
Nominates officers and Trustees for approval at the annual meeting.